2020 Fall (Christmas) Recital
Sunday, December 13th – 6:30 pm
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FALL  Semester 2020
CLASSES START – Week of August 17th

16 weeks
Christmas Recital – Sunday,  December 13th,   6:30 p.m.

Director – Rhonda Johnson
Thank you for your interest in the School of Fine Arts (SOFA)
at First Baptist Church of Auburndale.
We believe that we should take David’s words in Psalms 33:3, “play skillfully before the Lord,” to heart; therefore, FBCA wanted to provide a venue
by which one may learn to do so with excellence.
The School of Fine Arts offers instruction by Christian artistic professionals in multiple disciplines.  It is resolved to develop the unique God-given talents of children and adults reach their fullest potential for service in ministry, their profession,
or simply for personal enjoyment.
FALL Session 2020 CLASSES START – Week of August 17th
Christmas Recital – Sunday, December 13th at 6:30 p.m.
Classes are scheduled according to the teacher’s availability.
LATE  REGISTRATION  IS  AVAILABLE. – Lessons will be prorated.
SOFA is currently offering:
PIANO – Alexis Hobbs, Austin Testerman, Instructors
30 minute private lessons – Tuition  $340.00
50 minute private lessons  – Tuition  $510.00
30 minute private lessons –  Tuition $340.00
   50 minute private lessons – Tuition  $510.00
VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO, Stringed Instruments – Alexis Hobbs, Instructor
30 minute private lessons – Tuition   $340.00
50 minute private lessons – Tuition   $510.00
DRUMS – Austin Testerman
30 minute private lessons – Tuition   $340.00
50 minute private lessons – Tuition  $510.00
Ballet – LaNelle McGaffigan, teacher
The School of Fine Arts offers young dancers a unique opportunity to grow and study in a healthy, Christ-centered environment combined with the inspiration of the Godly examples. The faculty of the School have been called to develop each student to the best of their potential in their individual gifts. Our curriculum focuses on creative movement, motor skills, locomotor skills, basic ballet vocabulary and terminology, and ballet etiquette as well as strength and technique. Students experience traditional methods for teaching classical ballet to achieve a well-rounded ballet education while fostering a joy of movement and worship through dance.
50 minute group lessons – Tuition  $220.00
and $35-55 costume fee
(Minimum of 3 students for group lessons, Individual lessons available.)
Four Classes Offered on Thursday:
1.  3-5 yr – Creative Movement  3:30 PM
2.  5-7 yr – Intro to Ballet  5:30 PM
3. Ballet I  – 9-12 yr  4:30 PM
VOICE – Alexis Hobbs or Rhonda Johnson, Instructors
 30 minute private lessons – Tuition $340.00
50 minute private lessons – Tuition $510.00