Women’s Ministry Bible Study

Our Fall 2020 Bible study is
“Live Rationally:  Lessons from the Women of Genesis.”
9:30 am on Friday mornings
beginning September 11

On the go? Discover the vivid lessons and rich wisdom of Israel’s founding mothers in just twenty minutes a day in this Bible study for women like you.

Quick – name your favorite Bible character?! Is it a woman? Chances are it’s not, even though women are central to God’s story-and His plan. Genesis alone is populated with women who experience death, marriage, divorce, rape, and family tragedy. And if that sounds like something out of yesterday’s headlines , it just goes to show that the Bible has a message for you-today.

From the complicated Tamar to the often oversimplified Eve, they are wives and mothers, slaves and owners, sinners and saints, and each woman’s story will touch your heart.

Perfect for every age, and intended for today’s on-the-go woman, the Fresh Life series of Bible studies requires just 20 minutes a day for a meaningful contemplation of God’s Word.

We meet on Friday mornings.  If you need childcare, please let us know.  There is a $2/week charge per child for the 2 hour time slot.