In September 2020, First Baptist celebrated 100 years of ministry,
sharing God’s love with the Auburndale community.

In our Education building, 90% of our ministry happens!
It is here that meals are served,
American Heritage Girls become women of integrity,
Trail Life Boys become men of courage,
students are trained to perform for the glory of God,
homeschool students learn and play,
children are taught about God’s word and how to apply it to their lives,
teens are loved and discipled,
men and women meet together to encourage each other,
and babies receive loving care.

 For example, you might want to contribute $10/wk, $100/mo, or
$1,000 one time gift.
It is all possible by giving online.
Every gift is essential to helping us Raise the Roof!
We are so grateful for your generosity!

We will need $50,000.00 to pay for the reroofing of this 50 year old building.
Many in our community gave their lives to Christ here, got baptized,
went to VBS, met their spouse, got married, raised their families,
were called into ministry,  or discovered what it meant to have a relationship with God and how that relationship changed their lives.

Your gift will help us in our God-given assignment to
reach, teach, love, and serve many more in our city and around the world!